Open Telehealth Platform page will help you navigate through the application to perform tasks. You can Press any table of content to jump to that location.

Logging in

Press on the Open Telehealth Platform Curatess App or enter URL address in the browser


Pop up of PointPresscare mobile screen (opens a new window, sign in and will auto close)


After logging in, notifications will ask for permission along with webcam and microphone. First time signing in, notification to be enabled, then permission to use microphone and web camera (If Applicable). Notification will be located by the paddle lock in web browser search bar. OTPmmobile

Press prompt to choose a Provider to be viewed, select to the corresponding facility by pressing on facility (i.e (train)FACILITY_22(106 patients) OTPmmobile

Setting Your Availability

  • The navigation bar is at top of window browser with menu tab, availability toggle, facility location, and additional options including the option to sign out. OTPmmobile

  • The availability toggle is automatically set to what you last set it at. Toggling on and off allows you to set whether you prefer to be available or unavailable to receive calls through the app. If you set yourself as available, the app will allow you to either set yourself as available for a limited period of time, or indefinitely. Note that if you set yourself as unavailable, but are scheduled to receive calls by an administrator, the app will override your preference and call you anyways.

  • To log out and/or unpinned all devices, Press nav menu upper right hand corner, drop down menu will display options

Connected Quick Press

Quickly connect to services within application. Calling, Connect a device, Message, and Refresh patient summary. OTPmmobile

Searching For a Patient

  • The patient list will be displayed to the left of the screen.
  • Above the patient list is a search field to find patients by last name, first name, medical record number, room number, or date of birth. Then,you’re able to Press on a patient abstract to view the patient summary. You can also hit ‘Enter’ to select the first patient. OTPptList

Interacting with Patient Record

  • Clinical staff accounts are linked across Open telehealth platform devices, so when signing into device, all other signed in devices will be signed out. If you’re a provider with an account that is set to “available”, calls will be directed to the device that was last signed into.

Viewing a Patient Record

Patient Info

i. Press the patient profile you want to view. The back arrow (is displayed next to patient name) to go back to patient profile list.

ii. If all tabs are closed there is no scrolling. When tabs are expanded scrolling enables automatically. Press tabs section and then scroll with finger/stylust. OTPmmobile

  • Slider bar will appear to show scrolling is available OTPmmobile

Care Team

i. Making a call to care team members OTPmmobile

  • Contact info popup window will appear with option to call (Press on phone number to call)


Diagnoses OTPmmobile


i. Press on Vitals tab to expand details OTPmmobile i. Press on vitals tabs (i.e Body Temp) OTPmmobile


i. Press on Medications tab to expand OTPmmobile


i. Press on Labs tab to expand OTPmmobile


i. Press on Allergies tab to expand details OTPmmobile


i. Press on Immunizations tab to expand details OTPmmobile


i. Press on Forms tab to expand details OTPmmobile

  • Press items in sub menu of Forms to display more refined searched of notes sub-menu

| Category | Sub-category | Written by | Month OTPmmobile

  • Categories press will expand options to select OTPmmobile
  • Written press by will list All Authors and recent author OTPmmobile
  • Month press will expand option to select All Dates and recent months OTPmmobile

Starting a Form From Patient Record



i. Press on Forms tab to expand details OTPmmobile

Calling from the patient records

Press on quick connect icon (share button), a drop down list of options will display. Select the Call button to make a call

i. Calling A Facility Phone number and users signed on. (Calls will be made through patient summary) OTPmmobile

Select either Provider or Location OTPmmobile

Select recipient to begin call (within facility) OTPmmobile

Notification of receiving a call (when signed in) OTPmmobile

Receiving a Call While Logged Out

i. On different tab or closed out from. Notification will display (Press on call incoming to accept, new browser tab will popup) OTPmmobile

Call Screen


i. Within the Patient Context (within health record via patient record)*

ii. Press bluetooth select devices (compatible with OTP App)

iii. Press on pencil, then Press on plus sign to open forms and notes section (refer to starting a form from patient record to create and view forms)

iv. Outside of patient context (no health record selected)

After call has ended

i. A survey will popup

Making a Call Outside of Patient Record

i. Press nav menu upper left hand corner of screen. menu will pop out displaying options. Press Call Call Group OTPmmobile

ii. Once Providers is selected, available listings of recipients OTPmmobile

Confirmation to make a call OTPmmobile

Connecting Devices

i. First time syncing devices will first need vital reading. After, first time connection will be automatically connected

Be sure to turn on bluetooth on desktop/laptop/tablet if applicable

(Connecting devices within patient summary)

Using the Bluetooth Stethoscope

Must enable location service for OTP Curatess app to be able to work with stethoscope. Depending on mobile device, option may say to enable for app usage when using or always on. This can be round in app info for OTP curatess app, under permissions. For Android OS version 10+ OTP

i. Press Bluetooth icon upper right corner to connect devices OTP

i. Connecting to bluetooth stethoscope OTP OTP

b. Start sending Audio OTP ii. Receiving stethoscope Audio OTP c. Stop sending audio

Using the Pulse Oximeter

First connect pulse aximeter to finger to turn on

i. Press Connected Quick Pressand select Connect a device, then Pulse Aximeter OTPmmobile OTPmmobile

ii. Device will show up as device manufacturer name Select pulse oximeter then, Press pair OTPmmobile

iii. Pop up window indicating reading options, two columns will both need to be selected, select applicable Method and Presscapture OTPmmobile

v. After clicking capture the results will be sent to patient summary, under vitals. A refresh of patient summary may be needed in order for the reading to be synced

Using the Health Thermometer

First begin by turning on health thermometer and get a vital reading

(This will turn on Bluetooth on the device)

i.Then, open the connect a device and select health thermometer OTPmmobile OTPmmobile ii. A pop window will show indicating to pair health thermometer brand name

Select Health Thermometer then, Press pair OTPmmobile

iii. Pop up window indicating reading options, select applicable Method and Presscapture OTPmmobile

iv. After clicking capture the results will be sent to patient summary, under vitals. A refresh of patient summary may be needed in order for the reading to be synced

Using the Blood Pressure

First to begin start the reading of blood pressure till the blood pressure machine has finish reading, in order for the bluetooth blood pressure to be pair.

i. In the mean time, open the connect a device and select health thermometer OTPmmobile OTPmmobile

ii. Select Blood Pressure device then, Press pair OTPmmobile iii. For security measure by default bluetooth blood pressure will need a code to add as confirmation after pairing

Enter Passcode and Pressconnect OTPmmobile

iv. Pop up window will display reading options to be capture, select applicable Method and Presscapture OTPmmobile

Using the Weight Scale


Viewing Call log

i. Press nav menu upper left hand corner of screen, menu will pop out. Displaying options Press Call Log OTPmmobile ii. Call logs displays recent calls, contact, and time of call OTPmmobile iii. Press to expand details of call logs OTPmmobile iv. Press green box with phone icon to make call OTPmmobile

Messaging and viewing Messages

(Pressing enter sends message, Press shift+enter to start a new line)

All communications in messaging are secure

i.Messaging can be access out of patient summary (In patient summary, see Connect Quick Press) Home screen access to messaging OTPmmobile ii. Messages will display showing recent messages OTPmmobile

ii. After Pressing to expand messages OTPmmobile

Opening messages from nav menu sidebar

i. Press on nav menu upper left hand corner to open messages OTPmmobile

ii. Messages will display search and start new conversation and recent messages (To exit or leave, select another conversation, start new converstaion, or select nav menu) OTPmmobile

iii. Message select to start conversation (Press X to exit out of messaging conversation) OTPmmobile

iv. Making a call by pressing phone icon within messaging (Call will resume as normal refer to call screen) OTPmmobile

Viewing and Editing The Schedule

Press Schedule from nav menu upper left hand corner OTPmmobile i. Press Choose provider group to select available providers

OTPmmobile ii. Schedule will should available clinical’s schedule OTPmmobile

i. Callable: If unchecked will not receive any Calls

ii. Days Schedule: The days of the week this user is schedule to received Calls

iii. Weekday start: Scheduled starting time for this user, Monday – Friday

iv. Weekday shift length: Duration of weekday shift

v. Weekend start: Scheduled starting time for this user, Saturday and Sunday

vi. Weekend shift length: duration of weekend shift

vii. Clear schedule: Clear the current scheduled days and times for this users

viii. Escalation: Level 1 highest and 5 lowest

ix. Save: Saves the setting of configuration of schedule

i. Responsible contact: Identifies the user that are responsible for a call on the specified level

ii. Override availability: When checked, overrides the user's availability preferences and sets them as available (Admin credentials required)

iii. Default to phone: When checked, calls the user's cell phone first before trying though the app

vi. Group manager: Sets the user as an admin and allows them to also manage the scheduled

vii. Offline web calls: Allows the user to be called on the web even when logged outside

Viewing reports

Press nav menu in upper left corner, select Reports OTPmmobile i. After selecting provider call reports, Reports menu will display of fine search of Providers, Start date, End date (year/month/date) OTPmmobile

ii. Select Provider. Charts and diagrams will display usage and percentage. In Dashboard will display Outcomes, Service Rate, Hold Stats, Escalations (Mouse over to view percentage or view from keyword table below) OTPmmobile

iii. Data dashboard details amount of calls to clinicals and patient

Start At, Ended At, Recipient, Patient, Facility, Escalation OTPmmobile OTPmmobile

iv. Press Dashboard to view report graphs (mouse over to view percentage) Facility Graph OTPmmobile

Call Volume OTPmmobile

Unconnected Calls OTPmmobile

Patient Readmissions OTPmmobile

Call Escalations OTPmmobile


(Only Administrator has access to these settings) OTPm

i. Press on User Memberships OTPm

i. Press Edit Group (From Additional setting) OTPm

i. Press Provider groups to expand details (Additional option located vertical three dot) OTPm

iii. Press plus sign next to Provider Groups, top of group listing Enter name of Group and Description and select SUBMIT to proprogate groups

i. Calling group management to open menu


ii. Press organization edit OTPmmobile

iii. Press members to edit members OTPmmobile

Viewing App Version



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