The Essential Care instruction page will help you navigate through the application to perform tasks. You can click any table of content to jump to that location. (The required browser needed are Chrome and Safari, no other browser are support. i.e Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox)

Logging in

Click on the Essential Care app or enter URL address in the browser

Notification and permission acknowledgment WebLogin

  • If notifications are turn off in web browser (Chrome) Essential Care application will ask to be enable. Paddle lock icon in search bar, click to configure setting for web page and allow. webNot

  • Sign in with assigned username and password. (reminder to never share)
    The app will prompt you to choose a facility that is pre-assigned. Click the dropdown to choose. signinandlocation

Signing the End User License Agreement

  • After signing in, you will be prompt to accept the terms of use/end user agreement. Click to accept in order to use Essential Care app. UsrAgreeMet

Setting App as Home Page

  • How to save Curatess as a home page. There two ways of doing, one is by bookmarking the page to the bookmark bar. Secondly, from the Chrome browser settings: Appearance: show home button: click (enter custom web address), then copy and paste the Curatess URL on line. BrowserSetting

Setting Your Availability

  • The navigation bar is at top of window browser with menu tab, availability toggle, facility location, and additional options including the option to sign out. MobileOptions

  • The availability toggle is automatically set to what you last set it at. Toggling on and off allows you to set whether you prefer to be available or unavailable to receive calls through the app. If you set yourself as available, the app will allow you to either set yourself as available for a limited period of time, or indefinitely. Note that if you set yourself as unavailable, but are scheduled to receive calls by an administrator, the app will override your preference and call you anyways. CallAvailtoggle

Selecting Your Facility

  • Click facility location tab next to Profile icon, click choose a location then click save.

  • The name of the facility you’re currently viewing will be displayed next to the user profile picture. The current location can expand to select other locations. MobileOptions

Searching For a Patient

  • The patient list will be displayed to the left of the screen.
  • Above the patient list is a search field to find patients by last name, first name, medical record number, room number, or date of birth. Then you’re able to click on a patient abstract to view the patient summary. You can also hit ‘Enter’ to select the first patient. PatientList

Viewing a Patient Record

Patient Info

i. Click the patient profile you want to view. The back arrow (is displayed next to patient name) to go back to patient profile list.

ii. If all tabs are closed there is no scrolling. When tabs are expanded scrolling enables automatically. Move mouse pointer hovering over tabs section and then scroll with mouse track. For using trackpad, use two fingers to swipe up or swipe down (depending on the mouse setting scrolling may be inverted) BrowserOptions

Care Team

i. Making a call to care team members BrowOptions

Diagnoses BrowserOptions

Vitals BrowserOptions BrowserOptions Medications BrowserOptions Labs

i. Abnormal views in pink BrowserOptions

Allergies BrowserOptions Forms

i. When filling out, forms will automatically save in my Drafts BrowserOptions

Starting a Form From Patient Record BrowserOptions

Interacting with Patient Record

i. Clinical staff accounts are linked across Essential Care devices, so when signing into device, all other signed in devices will be signed out. If you’re a provider with an account that is set to “available”, calls will be directed to the device that was last signed into.

Navigating Through Patient Record BrowserOptions

Calling from the patient records

i. Calling A Facility Phone number and users signed on. (Calls will be made through patient summary) BrowserOptions

Receiving a Call


Receiving a Call While Logged Out

i. On different tab or closed out from. Notification will display (click on call incoming to accept, new browser tab will popup) BrowserOptions

ii. Logged out while receiving a call. (page closed while Chrome browser is open) BrowserOptions BrowserOptions

Call Screen

i. Within the Patient Context (within health record via patient record) BrowserOptions

ii. Outside the Patient Context (no Health record selected) BrowserOptions

Using the Bluetooth Stethoscope

i. Connecting to bluetooth stethoscope stethSetup


b. Start sending Audio

ii. Receiving stethoscope Audio stethSetup c. Stop sending audio stethSetup

Making a Call Outside of Patient Record


i. Calling A Provider group. BrowserOptions

After call has ended

i. A survey will popup BrowserOptions BrowserOptions

Viewing Call log

i. Call logs displays recent calls, contact, and time of call. BrowserOptions

Viewing and Editing The Schedule

BrowserOptions BrowserOptions BrowserOptions (Black bar description)

i. Callable: If unchecked will not receive any Calls

ii. Days Schedule: The days of the week this user is schedule to received Calls

iii. Weekday start: Scheduled starting time for this user, Monday – Friday

iv. Weekday shift length: Duration of weekday shift

v. Weekend start: Scheduled starting time for this user, Saturday and Sunday

vi. Weekend shift length: duration of weekend shift

vii. Clear schedule: Clear the current scheduled days and times for this users

BrowserOptions i. Responsible contact: Identifies the user that are responsible for a call on the specified level

ii. Override availability: When checked, overrides the user’s availability preferences and sets them as available (Admin credentials required)

iii. Default to phone: When checked, calls the user’s cell phone first before trying though the app

vi. Group manager: Sets the user as an admin and allows them to also manage the scheduled

vii. Offline web calls: Allows the user to be called on the web even when logged outside


Viewing reports

reports reports i. Charts will display recent calls (this is for demonstration images may be different) reports



Automatic Logging Out When Idle

i. Essential Care has a timer for all user when application is idle, application will timeout after 15 minutes. BrowserOptions

Viewing App Version



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